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Podcaturday – Guess My Netflix Returns

First I want to make sure everyone knows that Cornmeal has now been writing for more than ONE YEAR!  He’s the only person that has stuck with us that long and kept doing things.  Everyone else just tapers off.  So here’s to Corny having nothing better to do!

Now then making things a little more normalized for these Podcaturday Posts.  Here’s how it’s going to go.

  1. Links
  2. Recap
  3. Video
  4. Guess My Netflix!!!! <—there will be a prize.

The Links!

This is simple – everyone who participates in any way in the show gets a link.  Your mom participating on my junk does NOT count.

The Recap!

We talked about Game of Thrones, the lady from the NY Times who bitchily reviewed it, how I fixed health care and some other crap.  I should really take notes.

The Video!

This is a pretty frigging good card trick.


Guess my Netflix!

Here we go – anyone who answers right gets a point.  The first person to answer right gets two points.  Put your answer in the comments.


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Acadia Einstein

I'm the funny one. And the handsome one. And I pay for everything.


  1. Sangfroid

    I want to write for Superficial Gallery too! Can I, Can I?

    I even got a phone so I can talk to Podcaturday but Jenny Beans scares me.

  2. Patrick

    Jurassic Park III ??

  3. Frank

    dang this is hard!

  4. Acadia

    Patrick: no!
    Frank: Want a hint?

  5. James Melzer

    Hints are good. I’d like a hint.

  6. Acadia

    It has a period in the title.


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