Due to my intense technical difficulties, I am all cocked up and I didn’t think of doing Podcaturday this way until now (hotlinking jenny’s file).  If I had thought of it yesterday it would have been good, but I also had to drop of my blow job machine vacuum cleaner to get fixed and watch Sherlock Holmes which is now my favorite movie ever.  Also I think I may have been drugged and kidnapped for a portion of the day but I can’t be sure.  At any rate, the podcat this week is awesome if for no other reason than you can hear birds so clearly that they sound fake.  And the links this week are pretty helpful.  No joke!  Get clicking and listening.


  • Jenny Beans – She is doing something called a: “Commitment Report”.  I don’t have those.  If I did, I would probably forget to post it.
  • James Melzer – Read his review of the Changeling – he knows his movies.  Especially ones that sounds like they are about diapers!
  • Nicole Ireland – Is her name a porn star name or what?  Seriously.
  • Sparkle the Cat – Sparkle’s human owner is really interesting.  I hear the cat had drug problems.  The price of fame.
  • Darron Aquino – This guy totally is a spam comment, but it made me laugh.  He said:  “thanks to your ideas , i¡¯d adore to adhere to your weblog as usually as i can.possess a good day”.  You adhere, Darron.  And you possess a good day.
  • Business Development Tips – I don’t know how much business I have to develop, but the list of free stuff on that one post was gold.
  • CCleaner –  I was talking to Nicole the non-Porn star who was bitching about her computer being slow.  This program is free and it does all sorts of shit.  Beneficial shit, that is.  You have no idea how many programs are installed on your computer.  I promise you that!
  • Nature’s True Beauty – This site has lotions and potions and stuff that don’t have chemicals in them.  Or something.  Let me go look…. OK, so It says on the site that they provide: “alternatives to synthetically produced products for your body, family and home.”  Why do they get in?  Because the stuff they sell helped someone I care about.  And no, it isn’t YOU.  So go buy some soap made from pee or whatever other healthy things they sell.
  • Twenty Nine Cast – When you see JW’s soccer article (later tonight) you will like soccer.  Guy is talented.  Go listen to him.

Comment of the Week!

Vange is not around this week for some reason so I am doing comment of the week.  And it just so happens that it is being awarded to a guy that actually tried to HELP me!  Thanks, Sparky!

Acadia, I have a WRT160N and it blocks everything as well It took me a long time to get mine configured but i found the problem in the firewall part under applications.Mine had FTP and everything blocked when i opened the port i was set again, 21 default FTP, In case you dont have it here is a link to the manual on yours chapter 5 page 19 tells about FTP, not sure if thats anything you need but it might be a start.good luck.  LONG ASS LINK

Oh, and by the way, you helped me prove it is not blocked!  I am pretty much sure it is the firmware now.  Happy podcaturday everyone!