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Podcaturday 3:16

This week gives us some good old fashioned beat-downs.  Coffin Nail Neil challenges my science.  We talk about how wrestling used to not suck and I promise to include the trailer to the new Rock movie.  I’m sincerely glad that The Rock…IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT I’M SINCERELY GLAD ABOUT!  FINALLY THE ROCK HAS COME BACK FROM SHITTY MOVIEVILLE!  SO I found the trailer and it’s after the jump.  Graphic as hell (which means awesome) and it’s really long.  I think they just took out the beginning and end credits and left the rest of the movie in it.  So get watching.  And watch me keep my Podcaturday promise!
Jenny Beans, James Melzer, Dr. Nob, Headshot Heather, Glenny, Nicole Kyle Dockery, Webbie Lady and Patrick all get links this week.  Now let’s get to the trailer!

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  1. captain america

    pffffffffffff: THIS AGAIN IS FICTION.
    (this is soooo tyring)

  2. James Melzer

    Funny, I watched Sudden Impact yesterday and FASTER seems to follow the same formula, as a lot of revenge movies do. Only, you know, The Rock’s brother wasn’t raped. Looks good 🙂


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