This week’s Podcaturday has me on “back medicine”.  By “back medicine” I mean drugs, which is also known as back medicine.  I guess I didn’t need the first set of quotes.  Anyway – it’s a fun episode and we talk about True Blood, those two fools doing Ouija board, the World Cup, and they may have felt me up.  I wouldn’t know.  I’m on pills.  I do know that it is time for Picture Perfect!  We have a page and a PowerPoint and we are giving all you website having people a LONG time to get on the sponsor bandwagon.  The prize is gonna be big and so is the fun…bag.  That’s right.  Bags of fun.  Check out all the links and the PowerPoint and rules and all sorts of fun crap.  Also, leave us messages at the number in the title up there.  We’ll play you on the air, even if it’s a shitty commercial!

Picture Perfect Sponsor Home Page

Comment of the Week – By Vange

Catwiththumbs, my favorite curmudgeon, is this week’s winner of jack shit.  His comment on The Force is Strong with This One made me LOL hard.  And, I agree with him.  Acadia is pretty, oh so pretty and witty and bright!

Acadia is pretty..


  • Jenny Beans – She rules with an iron fist.
  • James Melzer – He is using the new WordPress – looks nice!
  • Twenty Nine Cast – JW has been doing some great World Cup Articles.  Read them!
  • sandy – Another Ouija board lover!
  • Steve – he’s awesome and he took this pic! The Mooring
  • Nicole – Where’s she been?  Hiding?  Drunk?
  • Redhead Ranting – She’s my new weBFF!
  • Tribal Blogs – even though I hate the word blog, I like this joint.  If you have your own site you need to check it out.
  • You need sound for this (so worth it).  There is a diff one each page; the home page one is particularly awesome.  YOU’RE GONNA NEED BIG PANTS!  Fuck I need to buy a storage building now.