This week’s Podcaturday features a lot of good news and some begging.  So I’m going to let the episode (and the pics of Jenna Jameson after the jump) do the talking for me.  So sit back, relax, click these links and think about Winona Ryder’s boobs.  Because they were in the podcat, too.

This is the trashcan pic.

Jenna Jameson, Comment of the Week and a big fat suprise from Vange after the jump!


Comment of the Week

Wilmaryad provided the most educational comment this week, even if it is purely ACK-inducing information! Thanks for making all us dumbfucks smarter!  Well, maybe you all knew this already and I’m the only dumbfuck, in which case, thanks for making me slightly less of a dumbfuck!

Yep, there are guys who do that where I live. It’s usually part of a certain musical genre, called Ayssawah, that the men stick needles and daggers through whatever body part they fancy. That usually happens when they’re in a state of trance. But I call that kwayzee!

In Other “Vange is an Idiot” News

We didn’t love the store we had–the merchandise was kinda of expensive and the quality was not fantastic. Oh, and we sold exactly two shirts –Acadia bought one (for me to do promo pix) and my BFF bought one. catswiththumbs bought one to polish his Beemer with.  It was not, shall we say, a raging success.

So we did some research and decided zazzle looked like a fun alternative. I started out with customized mugs for the Batholers–those turned out really funny, actually.  But once I started adding shit to the store, I realized the product organization sucked hairy donkey so it’s not really ready for public view, yet.  And then someone asked for one with just a Superficial Gallery logo on it. So Acadia, being of a non-idiot nature, created a couple for us to use.  We need some feedback.