Welcome to the 52nd episode of Podcaturday.  We have a new intro, a new outro (that’s the end part) and a new banner.  We also got 11! voicemails.  The show is a little longer than usual, cause that’s how your mom likes it.

See the left hand thing on the banner?  That includes some of the stuff we talk about this week.  And I can change it each week as I presume we are not going to talk about the same things each week.    I ARE SMART OF COMMUNICATE!  My college was a good idear.

Also, this chick in the picture is the only groupie I have.  Her name is Jessie and that’s not even her car.  Her car is a Honda Civic with like, 500 Arby’s wrappers in the back.  Arby’s?  Who eats Arby’s?  Well, Jessie does, and she also sends me dirty Facebook messages.

If you want to be a groupie, call the hotline at: 206-888-1710, and if you are all SUSPICIOUS like some people I know *cough*JuliesDad*cough* then you can totally see by my Internet website here that everything I do is totally legit.  I’m like a doctor or a crop duster.  If you were a farmer and a dude hopped out of a bi-plane wearing goggles and a long white scarf and offered to dust your crops, would you think he was going to do something else?

No you wouldn’t.  People trust crop dusters, which is why you should trust me.  Enjoy the show!