This week’s Podcaturday has a special guest, the winner of the Zombie Strippers DVD, a pity voice mail, Mel Gibson, Enthusiasts, Erotica and THE LOST ROOM!  Damn, I love that show. All that, Comment of the Week, the beginning of my now ongoing EROTIC CLIFFHANGER STORY and more after the jump!


It wouldn’t be Podcaturday without links – so here we go!

  • Jenny Beans – She’s got a lot going on.  If I were you, I would just subscribe to her feed.  Or better yet, get her to send you an email so you can see all the links she has in her sig.  She’s like a Wikipedia of herself!
  • James Melzer – I’m gonna pre-order his book so I can win a Kindle.  And by that I mean that I demand that he rig the contest in my favor.
  • Scouts by Nobilis Reed – Dr. Nob is our guest this week and this is a link to his sexy “erotica” novel Scouts.  The link I guess is NSFW unless you don’t speak English or know how to read.
  • We Work For Cheese – The guy from there won the DVD.  That means it must not be rigged cause I wanted it.
  • David Sobkowiak – Pity voice mails count, brother.
  • Lost Room Forums – I love the show.  If you want to learn more about it – Join the Batcave – there may be a surprise in there for you.  The forum link is showing off some hardcore fans who have some frigging impressive collections of objects from the show.  I wish I could follow through on a hobby.  Oh wait, this website.  Well okay, then.
  • Replica Prop Forum – Because I want a ring tone that sounds just like the Farnsworth on Warehouse 13 and was looking for it, I found this forum.  These people have skills.  You know what replica prop I made once?  The white towel from that movie that had a white towel in it.  Curse my lack of talent!

Comment of the Week

This week’s winner goes to one of the weekly conversationalists, James Melzer, author and all around fascinating dude.  It warmed my cockles Sangfroid’s first Gallery article helped him plan his future.

Damn, now I know what to do with my penis after I die.

Sexy Hotel

An Erotic Serialized Cliffhanger thing by Acadia Einstein

“Ding!”  The front desk bell rang and Josiah, the hunky bellhop, sprang into action.  On his way to the front, he sized up the new guests.  Honeymooners.  He could tell by the way they were looking at each other.  He also heard the man tell Claude the day manager that they were on their honeymoon.  Josiah headed out to the couple’s car and stacked their bags on the cart.  He slammed the trunk shut and whapped it with his hand twice, signaling Malone the valet to take the car to the lot.

Before he rolled the baggage cart inside, Josiah looked up at the clock above the large double doors.  3:15.  Less than two hours until Hazel got off.  Which meant less than two hours until he got off.  He could finish out the day and then get some sweet hot sexy action.  And with any luck, Honeymoon McBonerpants would give him a nice tip.  Josiah would make sure to start bringing in the bags slowly, so the dude would slip him a fiver to get him out of the room fast.  Yeah, this was shaping up to be a great Saturday.

Josiah’s plan worked perfectly and he walked back to the elevator from the Templeton’s honeymoon suite with a fiver in his pocket.  His mind started to wander and he thought of Hazel’s awesome rack.  He couldn’t wait to jump on those bountiful bosoms and was so distracted that he ran smack into a guest waiting for the elevator.  He didn’t recognize the guy.  Black suit, smelled like cigars (good ones), and didn’t seem happy to have gotten bellboy on him.  “Watch where you’re going, Bub,” Black Suit said gruffly.  Josiah nodded and backed away.  The guy had something hard in his suit.  Something the young bellboy didn’t want any part of.  He decided to take the stairs.

VonSkrotum watched the clumsy bellboy enter the stairwell and shook his head.  All this planning almost undone by some young oaf?  Impossible!  He patted the hard bulge in his suit.  Yes, safe and sound.  Before too long everyone at the Templeton, in Portland, in the WORLD would know the name Victor VonSkrotum.  And before then, he would remind the maid to give him some extra pillow mints.  Damn things are addicting.  Then again, so is the maid.

VonSkrotum returned to his room and waited for the maid.  What was her name again?  Oh yes.  Hazel.

DUN DUN DUNNNNNN – To be continued….