Look how early Podcaturday is this week.  Why?  Cause we recorded it LAST night.  How’s that for a mind screwjob?  Not very good?  Well, whatever.  Beans and Melzer are at Horror Realm and you can see Melzer on the guests page.  They tried to pretend that I was invited but it was lies.  Also it’s in Pittsburgh from where I know a weird number of people even though I’ve only been there once.

Today we bitch about True Blood (thank god that’s over!) and I nerd out about the Dark Tower.  Then for a while we do a simulated sex orgy starring various sexy characters from popular culture.  It’s basically fan fiction read out loud in a dirty manner.  And We also start talking about Halloween and some big doin’s that I promised and probably will regret.  Then I yelled at them about misleading me about haw long they had to drive and it sort of degenerated into an e-fistfight.

A few of those things are lies.  After the jump, the video that’s been making me laugh all week.  I’m immature.  You wanna fight about it?  I would like you all to post as to whether or not you smiled, chuckled, or lol’d.

Take That, You Stupid Corn!

Fry cracked corn and I don’t care
Leela cracked corn; I still don’t care
Bender cracked corn and he is great!
Take that, you stupid corn!