This week’s podcaturday sort of strayed into areas that I don’t usually talk about.  It’s pretty dirty and we talk about cooking.  And we also stray into 80’s movies and then we discuss what it means to be a critic.  And it’s not very dirty.  That part was a lie.

Jenny Beans
James Melzer

Also, my Saturday didn’t work out at ALL like it was supposed to which is throwing off everything else.  And in order for me to fix it I need to post this podcaturday and then try to gather up the broken shards of my weekend and arrange them in the shape of a smile.  Oh and you also get the video below.  In the description of it is says: “This video is not meant as a insult to christians.”  I make no such claims.  Insult away, clever video!  Also I will update with links later.  I have problems.  I need some jesus dancing.

Comment of the Week

VetTech wins absolutely jack squat this week for posting the funniest comment in We Need a Shorter URL:

Boohoo “nobody remembers my URL”..but guess what “” is available.