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Podcaturday – Halloween Continues

This week on Podcaturday we talk Halloween, scary movies, 5 hour energy drink, I complain about pastry chefs and we discuss dirty stories read out loud on the internet by Jenny Beans.  Jenny Beans also confesses to murder.  I think, anyway.  I got sort of hazy in the middle cause I didn’t have any energy drink.  I also didn’t shave my head but SOMEONE did.

We also talk about the 5th Anniversary of the Gallery, the Halloween contest (we are up to $260 in prizes).  And if you call into the hotline you will get a special treat.  But I’m not looking up the hotline right now so you will have to listen to the show.  Also – Allison Kyler told me the interview is a go – so we will see…

Below is a pretty sweet song from Michael Penn.  If you don’t know who he is, sing “Roooomeo in black jeans” to yourself for a sec and you’ll remember.  Listen to the last verse especially and remember that we are a republic for a reason.  Happy Podcaturday, boners!

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  1. vange

    Micheal Penn is clearly not a Tea Partier.

  2. vange

    Also, I dig that song.

  3. Kyle Dockery

    I just went and redownloaded all the episodes of podcaturday. Bif McHardbod…I don’t know why but that didn’t surprise me, at all.

  4. Acadia

    I hope you downloaded them from here. Is our itunes thing still broken?

    • Kyle Dockery

      Melzer’s isn’t broken. That’s the one I’m subbed to from back when I was listening to Unleashed. I’ll test the Gallery one as well.


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