That pic is the sushi bar in the Jetblue terminal in JFK.  I was there last night.  Not in the sushi bar, in the terminal.  Do you know any happy stories that start with: “I had sushi at the airport”?  But I was there.  My whole day yesterday was driving, flying, driving, meeting, eating, drinking, driving, flying driving, sleeping.  So I’m pretty crabby today.  But the show was good.  Find out our take on The Killing (I didn’t see it) My story (Beans and Melzer didn’t read it) and other stuff that none of us were on the same page about.  So score!

On the other hand, we found out there was a lot of new cool shit on Netflix and I found out that the tall chick on my plane who said she had a concert at the lame auditorium in Charlotte is Grace Potter who seems to not really famous (she’s not even the headliner) but she was on Conan’s show so that’s either really good for her or really bad for Conan.

Dr. Nob and Adorable Kate called in as usual and Dr. Nob figured out that if he calls in, he gets to plug his site.  So plug away!  Oh, and I reveal a special event with some kind of prize involved – so score again! Oh, and traps?  Adorable Kate asked what our favorite kind of trap is.  Our fascinating answers are inside!!!!

Update:  I’m in the middle of watching The Killing right now online and I haven’t seen acting this good in a long time.  Some pretty wrenching stuff.  And one of the actors looks like the King of Queen’s evil twin.  Crazy.