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This week we had a ton of voice mails and a special guest and I found a sweet link.  JW of World Cup and Twenty9cast was our guest and he posed a pretty sweet wizard question.  Listen to it near the beginning and put in your answer at the bottom.  It’s a good question.  Then we talk about finding some good alternatives for JW to get TV shows from because he decided to get rid of cable.  Beans still thinks there are souls (listen to how I fixed her wagon!) and Melz is starting to get mad that all the people that lust after him are the silent type.  More awesome links and a great video after the jump!  Also – I’m not linking to it – but I was on Facebook and after the jump I will show you the ad I saw.  I think I want to move.  They don’t have those kinds of leagues where I’m from.  That’s a good thing.


Look how professional it looks...

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I just love these idiots.  And since I can’t do this song for Friday 90’s I’m putting it here.