Yeah, there are clues in here. Clues.

OK, so Beans and I were in a hot three way with Nicole this morning as we tested out our super new (old) technology for recording podcats.  So now instead of doing the regular thing, we are gonna try something different and it is gonna include more talking and more than just me.  Think of it as one step above having to read the ingredients of your shampoo when you are taking a dump.  Wait, that was needlessly harsh.  It is like, five steps better than that.  It’s also not just me now, so I have someone to blame.

And finally, since the podcat people seem to be pretty stuck up, I am going to start mixing in regular links to people.  The same rules apply.  Post a comment in here, I will link to you next week.  Unless you’re Hitler or porn or Hitler porn.  And don’t seagull us, either.  And by seagull I mean, fly in, eat our food, take a shit and fly away.  I’ve KILLED for less.  I have no idea what I’m talking about, so here are some links!


  • Free Stuff – in honor of the resurrection of the free conference call thing – check out these free things.  I love pretending we are a real company.  TAKE A LETTER!
  • Jenny Beans – she writes horror fiction (buy some), she makes her living as a freelance writer and she loves making posts on her site sticky.  So if you want to see what’s new, get your scrolling finger warmed up!
  • Sparkle the Cat – this site is written by a cat.  There are way more sites written by cats than you think there are.  They’re quiet.  I heard once a cat site breathed in a baby’s soul.
  • Drew Beatty – For a Canadian, Drew Beatty is allll right.  And his name isn’t Drew.  It’s Drew Beatty.  I linked to his post about Zombie Awareness Month.  Seems pretty silly to tease zombies into thinking for a minute that they can be aware, but I don’t judge.  Also, I bet Mrs. Drew Beatty yells out: “OH DREW BEATTY” when they’re doing it.  Actually I don’t think.  I know.  Don’t ask me how I know.  I didn’t judge you.
  • Nicole Ireland – Despite her porn star name, she does not appear to be a porn star.  Her latest post is about the cancellation of “Legend of the Seeker” which she referred to as LOTS.  When she said it to me I thought she meant LOST but had a typo.  Shows what I know.  Also, she might be a porn star.  Look at her name!
  • James Melzer – Podcatter, published author, cool guy and someone who makes a living writing.  And I don’t mean “I only eat crackers and live at the Y” living.  I mean have money and a car and more than one pair of pants living.  He also lets you download a lot of his work for free, which sort of runs contrary to the first thing I said but again, I don’t judge.
  • Patrick the Spammer – Pat’s not really a spammer but his comments always get flagged as spam.  He wrote a nice article about Ernie Harwell.  Why do you care?  Cause Vange is from Detroit.  I think anyway.  Now that I think about it, she seems to have trouble keeping her stories straight!
  • Is there an app for that? – Funny chicks are hawt.
  • Granite State of Mind – This is the best re-purposing of the Jay-Z Alicia Keys song (thanks, Leonidas).  but I’m embedding the one about Portland, Maine  cause I’m a homer and you can all suck it.
  • White Castle Scented Candles – They mean the burgers.  If they had been talking about the White Castle on Fordham Rd. I used to go to the smell would be gunpowder, crack, piss and fear.
  • EG Talbot – this is his review of the Dark Journeys short story collection.  I like him cause his name means, “for example”.  I bet he has a brother called IE Talbot.