I don’t have time to do a good podcaturday post today (when have I ever?) ’cause my head hurts so much it feels like someone put a pot on my head and hit it with a spoon for eleventeen hours.  And you know what else?  Your mom.  That’s what else.  So the links this week are sort of going to be by proxy cause I’m going to actually start crying pretty soon and none of you need to see that.

The podcat itself is excellent as usual.  I was wearing a pirate hat and a mankini.  My computer was nude.  We talked about all sorts of things but I can’t tell you which ones will make the final cut as they don’t trust me with the switches and nozzles and what not so I am as surprised as you are.  I’m linking to Jenny Beans (happy birthday) and James Melzer cause they do the podcat with me or on me or whatever the correct preposition is.  And I am also giving you some Drew Beatty, Nicole and Julie From Momspective cause they play right.  Also, if you are a fan of Ghost Hunters and that part of the discussion made it into the podcat you can have the whole show ruined for you here.  Yummy.

I tried to make a picture for that stupid Orange's contest but I could not figure out how to upload it to him so I will just put it here.


Shawn from The Shark Tank wins absolutely nothing for posting the best comment of the week.  Don’t spend it all in one place!  And don’t be tossing shame around so readily, Acadia.  I may have a bucket but you, sir, have an overflowing barrel.

Shawn said on You’re Taking It Too Far:

I’ve never cared too much for NASCAR, but I could really get into House Racing.

Also, Vange didn’t do the Comment of the Week so make sure you stuff her head in the shame bucket when you have a chance. Oh, and nobody tried to win the Long Ass Game so that was good.  It only took us a fucking year.  So stuff your own heads in there, too.  I would but I can’t open my eyes.  And finally: farting baby scaring himself.  How can this not be more famous?