In the latest edition of Freedom we have people dressing up a baby to make a clever political point.  And it IS clever.  Look how much debt that baby has!  And she only has a dollhouse!  And where are her parents?  Are they the ones that put the sign on her?  I hope so.  I have to assume that putting a sign on your own baby is fine, but putting signs on other people’s babies is probably a crime of some sort.  But if it isn’t, then I have a bunch more sign ideas for babies after the jump.

OK, so now since putting signs on babies is probably protected by the Constitution, how many of these could you see some political party actually putting on a baby?

  1. Good thing my mom was pro life!
  2. I haven’t been taught to be intolerant yet!
  3. I have a 50/50 chance of being a porn star!
  4. I dislike the party currently in power and prefer the other party!
  5. As soon as I can vote I’ll fuck up your shit!

I’m iffy on number 3.