I don’t know what the hell this is.  I mean, it might be a commercial for Rock Band.  It might be a commercial for bad parenting.  It might be NSFW but I can’t really tell.  And I can’t understand how someone can be THAT naked and yet not show anything.

While playing the drums.

My hypothesis: naked hippie girl breaks into house and makes young boys watch her play Rock Band.  At least I hope that’s what happened.  I would hate to think it is their mom.  Step mom, maybe?

Yeah…. Step mom works out just fine.  Ridiculous video after the jump.

I saw my friend’s older sister in the shower once.  And instead of it being one of those things where she beckons me in to join her and erotically takes my virginity, she yelled and then came out with her clothes on and hit me with a pot.  Not a frying pan.  A fucking POT.