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Poor J.Simp

They need to be grabbed, dammit!

They need to be grabbed, dammit!

Poor Jessica has had a rough time of it lately what with ballooning up, being called bad luck for her boyfriend’s sporting stuff and being relegated to performing at BBQ cook-offs.  I am starting to wonder if she was a fifteen minutes sort of celebrity and her time ended a a couple of hours ago.  Sad to think her high point was whining at her man-boy husband on a reality TV show that she really did need $4000 worth of undies.

Based on these pictures and the wonderfulness that is internet celeb gossip, she has starved and sweated some of the weight off but it may be too late for a comeback.  I’m not sure what there is for her to come back to.  I’ve always thought she has a very pretty face but I’m disconcerted by the world map of veins on her tits.  Why are they so vein-y?  I wonder if that dress is too tight, shoving them to the point of bursting blood vessels.  I’m worried about the health and longevity of her implants.  I’m a loving girl, concerned about air-headed has-beens.  I’m not sure she can afford to replace them.

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  1. johnny rocks

    I would grab those with both hands and not let go, lol

  2. Kat

    I agree with you that she is a has-been. I think a lot of people didn’t like what she did to Nick, so they have abandoned her. I think they were popular as a couple, but now, I don’t think she has much to offer….

    Except maybe for some veiny boobs!!

  3. Joelle

    She really has made some bad choices.


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