According to CNN, poor Nicholas Brendon (Xander from Buffy) got loaded and started an altercation at Tree City Comic Con in Boise, Idaho.  A few things.

  • I have no idea what Idaho looks like.  None.  I mean, I know what the STATE looks like on a map.  But I don’t know if it desert or mountains or forests or what.  I guess Boise has trees unless the people who run the con spelled “tri” wrong and the other two cities near Boise weren’t paying attention.
  • This isn’t the first time Xander has gotten in trouble for getting loaded at cons.  Let that sink in.  He has a history of drunken antics involving the police at fan conventions.
  • He checked himself into rehab in 2010 for addiction to alcohol and sleeping pills.  How do you get in trouble so much if you are addicted to sleeping pills?  What does that even look like?  Did he just sleep 20 hours, wake up, poop, get drunk, punch a cop and go back to sleep?  Damn these celebrities and their fancy lives!
  • If you look at the guest page for the con, it seems to be arranged in such a way to guarantee the actual celebs get enraged.  Look at it.  Scroll until you see someone you recognize and then wonder why you had to scroll to get to someone you recognize.  I wish I could invent a con.  I would put the fancy people on the top.
  • Is Willow the most successful character from Buffy?  I mean, SMG had The Grudge but everything else was a flop.  Giles was on that SyFy angel show that I think got cancelled.  Xander has been on some show put spends most of his time punching guys in saloons.  Cordelia was in Playboy, is on some other show and gets put in SyFy movies a lot.  Well Joss Whedon, you sure are a star maker!

Oh, and Brendon married some nobody names Moonda Tee in Vegas a couple of weeks ago.  This is their wedding picture.


Well now I’m sad.  He got married in front of the Vegas sign with his sunglasses stuck in his T Shirt to a chick whose name sounds like she was born on Tattooine.  Someone needs to open the Hellmouth back up and do a reunion, stat.  Willow can’t milk the royalties from HIMYM and American Pie forever.  I don’t think.