Hey, it’s Nikki. I know it’s been a long time since I posted on here. I’ve been hibernating. However, my restful sleep is over. Lord Acadia was able to work his magic and convince me to leave my cave. Okay, the truth is, he threatened me by saying he’d never help me with my computer issues again. (And I have them ALL THE TIME!)  It doesn’t matter why I’m back, though, only that I am.

Since I became the moderator of the Portland, Maine Hometown Pride page, I’ve been searching high and low for videos, links, and information on what makes Portland great. I already know it it’s pretty friggin’ awesome, but now I just need to convince all of you. You would think damn Acadia would have some loyalty to his hometown, but NO, he’s partial to Charlotte, so I can’t count on him to back me up. Bastard!

Anyway, yesterday I came across a video of Bob Marley, the comedian, as he broke the record for the longest stand-up comedy routine ever. (The record was 38 hours.) That’s right, us Mainahs are longwinded and can shoot the shit like no othas. So stop being a dink and go check the video out.

Also, in addition to the Bob Marley video, I also added a small list of famous Portland, Maine residents. There’s a pretty extensive list on Wikipedia, but I don’t recognize half the names, so I didn’t add them. And no, Acadia didn’t make the list, although I’m sure he thinks he should be on it. Oh well!