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Power Rangers should be your new favorite guilty pleasure.

Power Rangers should be your new favorite guilty pleasure.

The Power Rangers movie did a lot of things right. They had the humor that the older crowd in the audience understood and enough razzle dazzle and fight scenes to entertain the younger ones. They had a good cast of kids to play the Rangers. Not only did they look like they could pass for teenagers (unlike when I was a kid and the show looked like they were in their late twenties), but they actually could act too. The stand out was RJ Cyler, Billy the Blue Ranger. In the movie he plays a teenager on the Autism spectrum with a passion for exploration and discovery. All of the emotional scenes ran through him: humor, sadness, and even the feeling of accomplishment with a celebratory hand clapping that made me smile every time. Needless to say he nailed them all.

So should you go see this movie? Yes. It’s good for the family, with a little adult humor throughout but done tastefully, in my opinion, like a Pixar movie.

Below I have provided the recipe they used. After you watch it, you can come back to this article and understand just why you liked a movie that you may have turned your nose up at when first hearing about it.

Saban’s Power Rangers Recipe


1/4 cup Nostalgia
1/4 cup Corn
1/2 cup High School drama
1/2 cup Diversity
1 cup Coming of age story
2 Handfuls of cheese

1 – Mix all ingredients together
2 – Bake this mixture with 360 degrees of Action
3 – Optional, popcorn and soda

Then enjoy your new favorite guilty pleasure. You’ll soon be thinking to yourself, “Why did I enjoy this movie so much?” Weird, right?


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  1. Sparks

    I’ve heard a lot of good tings about this movie. I’m going to try and catch it this weekend.

    But I am surprised there’s so little corn in the recipe. Power Rangers have always been known for their corn! 🙂

  2. Acadia Einstein

    I completely missed the whole Power Rangers thing because I’m too old to have liked them as a kid and also don’t like kids.

  3. Sparks

    Weird because basically that’s all you are, Acadia. A kid.

    • Cider

      I agree whole-heartedly with this observation.


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