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Women in Horror Month – 2019!

Women in Horror Month – 2019!

Jen and Sylvia Soska with their 2018 Gallery Women in Horror Trading CardsFebruary is Women in Horror Month and just like last year, the Gallery is here for it in style. And as much as we did last year, this year is going to be even bigger!
You can find everything on the main Women in Horror Month 2019 page. We will be adding things all month but for now you will be able to:

  • Check out all of the Interviews (last year’s and this year’s as they come in) a well as the trading cards!
  • Fill out the interview form and get yourself in there!
  • Keep track of the giveaways (they are coming)
  • Check out the podcaster and streamer profiles we are adding for this year when they come online.
  • Watch shorts and find films made by women that you might not have heard of.

So dig in and let us know what you think. We want this to be great for you.

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  1. Damemeow

    Yay Women In Horror Month! It’s like a bonus October <3

    • Jen Sandwich

      Thiiiissssss ^^^

  2. Jen Sandwich

    Oh, yes!! This is wonderful! I don’t know if we count as horror. True crime, yes. Weird psychology, also yes. Cannibalism? Oh, hell yes. But fiction and nonfiction are so different! Thank you for including us, though!! <3


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