Apparently the people who work for “The Price is Right” watch “Mad Men” too much and treat their employees like crap.  Brandi Cochran, one of the “Wheel Spinners” or whatever they are got pregnant and they made fun of her and then when she tried to come back to work afterwards they wouldn’t let her so she sued them and won EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!

According to the “legitimate news

Cochran, 41, said she was rejected when she tried to return to work in early 2010 after taking maternity leave.

She’s Rich!

What if they had fired her because she was old?  And before you all go crazy on me, please hear me out.  The JOB for these women is to be hot, point at things and clap.  A hot octopus could be four times as productive as any one of them.  I mean I am sure legally there were all sorts of reasons why she deserved the loot but the last time I flipped on a football game none of the cheerleaders were born in the ’70s and I am pretty sure that Abercrombie and Fitch is not going to be calling Alan Rickman to model their pants with his shirt off anytime soon.

I suppose if they HAD just told her they had younger, hotter chicks and didn’t need her anymore she could still have sued them but then they they would have had to go through a whole big thing about why she got the job in the first place.  They could have brought in some uggo that didn’t get hired and ask the plaintiff why she got the job instead of ugly Norma and it would have been a big mess.

So go spend your money on your babies, Brandi Cochran.  You don’t have to work now, but if you get the itch you can always point at your own fridge.  But the stink of how you pushed poor ugly Norma out of gainful employment with your hotness is not going to go away any time soon.  Norma is a toll taker now, FYI.  So I hope you are happy with yourself.

I could do a whole other post on the story of what Drew Carey did to the mountain climber guy in the yodeling game but I think I will save that for another time.  I think we can all just agree that “The Price Is Right” is a filthy sex pit and that everyone that works there probably has crabs.