Prince died a year ago today.  I was ordered to listen to Sexy M.F. yesterday which I did and then I realized that today was Friday so it made sense to feature it.  And listening to it made me think of a really good friend of mine that I lost touch with because I suck.  Once we drove from San Diego to Vegas and his car had 342 Prince CD’s and pretty much nothing else and that was just fine.  We drove through the mountains and we drove through the desert and we listened to Prince and it was a great trip.

Prince has been a part of my life for longer than I realized.  I mean, I guess I KNEW it but I didn’t KNOW it.  You know?  Anyway, I still miss him.  And while Prince is timeless, the beginning of this video is NOT.  Pure 90s.  Prince, of course, looks like he got dressed in his sexual, time-traveling spaceship, but everyone else?  90s gold.  Oh, and this video is from like, Pakistan or something.  You can’t find Prince on YouTube (good businessman).  But if the video doesn’t work and you just want to listen to a great Prince song and miss him: here’s the Spotify Link to it.  And here’s the video link (it really is great).

Oh, and I’m going to reach out to my friend.  Just because you were a jerk in the past doesn’t mean you have to always be a jerk.  Call someone you miss.