me: good evening.
is that Russian?

Salvador: good evening

me: yes.
like the dressing.

Salvador: no

me: oh.

me: i like to put the dressing on my chef salads
its the ONLY dressing i will put on my chef salads
i am not sure why though
i think my mother always made us eat it that way
probably because we were very poor
and no one likes russian dressing
so, it was always on sale
which meant she ALWAYS bought it

Salvador: but where did you see a russian picture?

me: well, once when i was looking at the internets
i saw a russian picture

Salvador: let me see

me: well, i did not save it
me: because it was not mine that i was looking at
so, i would have been violating copyright or something.

Salvador: could you send me the link?

me: a link?
how do i do that
me: can i get in trouble for sharing a link of copyright?
me: because i am not sure that i would like to be in trouble for this sort of thing
i am just starting out
you know
me: i have not been internetting for long

Salvador: .-.
Salvador: show me the link nothing will happen

me: are you sure, can you show me a link that says nothing with happen
me: cause, if not than i am just taking advice of someone on the internet
and i have heard there are some people
who i would not like to come in contact with on the internet
those masked guys
me: pointy chins
i dont know the name
me: i dont know why they dont get different masks
they all wear the same, it seems a bit stupid to me.
me: probably are russian.