Catcher In The Rye

Could have used Johnny Bench but screw that guy!

Salinger is God?  The CAPITAL G GOD?  Blasphemy! you say.  What about Eric Clapton?  I don’t know.  If godishness is measured by cell phone commercials then the Clapton camp has some traction.  Lots of people claim this person or that person is God.  Then the pantheists will say that someone is A god, but that’s not as cool.  And you may confuse me with those kinds of people.  But you’d be wrong.  I have proof, not just fan-boy drool.  Consider this:

  • He only wrote one book that people really gave a shit about.
  • People REALLY give a shit about that one book.
  • He then disappeared and left everyone by themselves to argue about what he meant.

Suck on that, Eric Clapton.