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Punch Dub?

I have always known that game to be Slug Bug, No Returns.  All I can figure, they’re trying to expand it beyond the Bugs to include Jettas, Passats, Touregs, etc.  Still seems kinda hinky.  The last bit with Tracy Jordan and Stevie Wonder is super awesome, though.  Even if I wasn’t a halfheartedly devoted VW driver, I’d dig this commercial.  I think I have a perma-dent in my right bicep from my brothers punching the fuck out if it even when the road was empty.  “It zoomed away; you missed seeing it while you were crying.”  Fuckers.

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  1. VetTech

    We called it “punch buggy”.

  2. loolpooq

    punch buggy

  3. Acadia

    We did it as: Punch Buggy (color). We also had to call “no punch backs” cause if you called punch backs it became a free for all. Then again we also played shots and safety so maybe that was just us.

  4. vange

    You people are all crazy.

  5. Meesa

    We called it punch buggy or slug bug. And like Acadia, you had to call no slugs back. The first time I saw that commercial, I was like what the fuck? How the hell did they stick a different car in there? It should have been a Bug. Fo Sho.
    .-= Meesa´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

  6. Buggys

    Our kids called it punch buggy and call the color, no punch backs! I was never good art it. We also played pididdle, cars with only 1 headlight lit.
    .-= Buggys´s last blog ..WW- Giveaway! =-.

  7. J.H.

    Here in Philly it was Punch Buggy. Name the color, no punch backs, and double punch if a convertible. We did not include Karmann Ghias, Type IIIs, Buses, Sambas, Type IVs, nor Things. Just Beetles and Super Beetles. What VW’s advertising department is doing is an abomination. Ruining a great childhood game by including every model is really lame.

  8. vange

    OMG, I’ve always wanted a Thing! I was car shopping recently and priced the Toureg out at 50K. It’s a weird day when a Volvo is cheaper than a VW.


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