An Interview with Malvolia, Queen of Screams

All great monsters share certain traits in common. They’re all blood thirsty. They all revel in their own evil and malfeasance. And they’re always fun to see on screen. Malvolia, Queen of Screams is no exception. A horror hostess keeping that proud tradition alive...

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I Hate the Bell Witch*

I pride myself on not being a stupidly superstitious person. I can walk under a ladder or cross paths with a black cat no problem. But don't ever ask me to speak ill of the Bell Witch. The Southeastern equivalent of the Bloody Mary legend, kids still dare each other...

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We Love Horror!

Horror is one of our favorite things here at the Gallery and we work hard to bring it all to you.  We cover big budget movies, TV, books, video games,  independent films, conventions, news, and offer our own opinions on what’s happening in the industry.  We are even going to start covering horror podcasts like our very own show, Strangeful Things!

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