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There are days my job gets me bummed, sure.  I don’t get paid enough for the shit I have to do and tolerate, my co-workers are being raging cunts or it’s raining.  You know:  normal every day gripes.  I really think I should get the day off if it’s raining, though, seriously.  I don’t like my clothes feeling damp, everything smells like a soggy corpse and my hair is out of control and that makes me crabby all the live long rainy day.  I bought a huge gay pride golf umbrella recently though and it has this double decker feature thing.  Yay me buying an umbrella; it made me feel grown up, like owning a snow shovel or cheating on my taxes. Anyway, my point is, we all get down about our jobs from time to time and seeing what some random dude in Africa does puts it all in perspective.  Python catcher sounds way cooler than office administrator or actuary but it looks like a rather shit way to spend your days.

First, he wraps his arm in an animal skin for protection.

Then he crawls into the pit.

He lights his way with fucking burning sticks.

He finds a bigass snake and thinks, "Dinner!"

"Holy crap, it unhinged its jaw and it's gonna swallow me whole," is a statement that men should only make about ugly girls giving them blowjobs.

He lets it take his protected arm. Sort of like "noodling for fish." I don't have any idea what the fuck that means.

His buddy drags him out, backwards, by his feet, pulling the snake along. Yeah, my commute seems tolerable now.

That's one bigass snake. I bet you could get a purse AND boots from that fucker.

This will feed the village for a while and keep me stylish for a looong time. Total win-win.

I googled up “noodling for fish” so now I do know what it means and omg, people are batshitcrazy.  I can remember my brother getting bitten by a catfish and another brother who shredded his hand, trying to stick his hand through its mouth and hooking out the gills ON A PIKE.

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  1. ann

    Um, I think I’ll just stick with being a baker.

    cool new look by the way, almost wondered if I was in the wrong place 🙂

  2. loolpooq

    some great pics 🙂
    snake noodling

  3. Acadia

    @ann – thanks. And send us some baked goods.
    @loolie – no noodling for you.


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