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Randy Johnson has won Number 300

randyjohnsonRandy Johnson has won his 300th game. It’s an amazing accomplishment and with the way pitchers pitch right now with bullpens the way they are, pitch counts and 5-man rotations this is something that we might not see again.

And, hell, many didn’t see it live either. There were like 6 people at Nationals Park in DC today that weren’t on a team or related to the Big Unit. But, MLB Network had it on and granted, it was a sleepy, rainy, dreary performance. Today was not dominating, only 2 strikeouts in 6 innings pitched, but it was the culmination of a great and at many times dominating career.

Johnson is the 24th MLB pitcher to reach 300 wins and might be the last time we see this in a while.

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  1. midge

    no comment

  2. vettech

    Is he one of the “clean” ones or is he on steroids?

  3. vettech

    I mean… it’s an awesome accomplishment either way, but I’m curious about the “asterisk” factor.

  4. Maitland

    I don’t think his name has been mentioned for steroids. There was a period of his career where he went from lesser player to dominant, but that was mainly due to pitching mechanics.

    He pitched wild and all over the place, but still hard. Someone straightened up his delivery and he could locate better. So, don’t think steroids is an issue here.


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