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Rap Chop, Ratatat, and True Blood

So everything else this guy does sucks, but this is really fun.

Someone hire this kid to play at my wedding. I want to have indie electronica covered on piano at the reception. Do it! Now!

I love vampires, but Buffy/Angel haven’t been on tv for a long time (and I can’t justify four bucks a comic), Twilight is terrible, and Anne Rice is writing about Jesus instead of gay vampires, so I found True Blood. Here is a preview for season 2:

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  1. Mr. New Dilemma

    The slap chop thing was awesome. Thanks for posting that, you made me LOL.

  2. Stachenscarfen

    The slap chop video was f’ing ballin!! And piano covers are forever welcome! Nice post.

  3. Fool

    You are gonna love his nuts!

  4. The Hair Loss Gal

    I did watch the true blood finale this year, although I read the books before watching the show and they are really venturing away from a lot of the story line. Don’t know if I’ll be tuning in next year.


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