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Rec – 22nd Scariest Movie of All Time

I was all ready to disregard this movie.  You know how I felt about Blair Witch and everyone knows that Cloverfield pretty much sucked.  But this.  This is different.  It is most definitely one of the 31 Scariest Movies of All Time.

It’s Spanish.  Subtitled for me when I watched it on the Internet last night.  And in order to let you know how scary it is, I will explain some things.  I have monitors, and when I watch things, I use the left monitor and I work on the one directly in front of me.  So I sort of half watch whatever I’m watching.  That’s a bad idea for a movie with subtitles.

Since I only know a little Spanish I sort of had to wing it.  I looked over when it felt like something was happening by the vibe of the people talking.  And two things were clear from doing this.  1:  If you are an American and see a Chinese woman speaking Spanish you might be freaked out.  I was.  Weird.  2:  This movie scared the living shit out of me.  No joke.  No exaggeration.  The way it was filmed, the shit I saw, the ending. Goddamn scary movie.  Trailer After the Jump

Seriously.  Watch it.  And pay attention.  If I had been paying closer attention, I probably be sitting in a chair full of pee.

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  1. James Melzer

    I remember watching this on the big screen when it first came out. I also remember watching the last 30 minutes of it from under the brim of my hat, because it was so fucking creepy. I just couldn’t take it. Any movie that can make me do that deserves praise. It should also be noted that the American version, Quarantine, did a pretty good job of sticking to what made the original so terrifying, and is worth a watch.

  2. bluzdude

    I’ve never heard of this one. Sounds like I’ll have to check it out.

    (And I loved Cloverfield. Please don’t think any less of me.)

  3. Acadia

    I don’t think less of you but I guarantee you once you see REC you will wonder why Cloverfield wasn’t more like it. Except for it being a giant monster.

  4. VetTech

    I am on the fence about seeing this movie after reading your review and Melzer’s comment. From the sound of it I think this one might be too creepy to watch alone… but, yeah Cloverfield was just plain dumb.

  5. captain america

    lindsay lohan is still working on it………..

  6. Elle Diabla

    Hoooooly crap, looks super scary. I love foreign horror flicks!

    Funny tho – the exaggerated numbers in the beginning of the trailer.
    ie: 23 million calls?? lmaoo


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