Romeo’s Distress is a Weird, Shakespearean, Gothic, Horror-Thriller that tells a story of a boy named James, his unrequited love for a girl named Jane, and her father’s sadistic (yet dutiful) response to it all.

Cast and Crew

Anthony Malchar – “James Ferrose”

Jeffrey Alan Solomon – “Dale Matthews”

Adam Stordy – “Bobby Sampson”

Charese Scott Cooper – “Grandma Washington”

Dave Street – “Uncle Elmo/Grandma’s Body”

Renee Mandel – “Grandma”

Stevie John Grossett – “Seymour Flowers”

David “Voice” Stein – “Mr. Cundelini”

Alex Echevarria – “Dr. Myles Woodbine”

Kimberely A. Peterson – “Jane Matthews”

Einav Dahaman Frumess – “Barbara Matthews”

Nick Bohun – “Concerned Shopper”

Richard Vaine – “Grave Digger”

Jeff Frumess – “Fake Shemp”


Written, Produced and Directed By Jeff Frumess


Cinematography and Editing – Jeff Frumess

Music and Sound Department – Nick Bohun

Second Unit Director – Michael Fels


Macabre Faire Film Festival Jury Award for Best Screenplay – Feature Film, Nominated for Best Feature Film, Best Director – Feature Film, and Best Actor – Feature Film

Nightmares Film Festival Award for Esprit De Gore, Nominated for Best Screenplay – Feature

From Writer and Director Jeff Frumess

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