Number four on the list of the 31 Scariest Movies of All Time is Rosemary’s Baby. I’m a little torn up about this pick.  It feels like it should either be right where it is or not on the list at all.  I guess it depends on how you feel about creeping dread.  Cause other than a child raper as a director (Roman Polanski) and some kind of freaky old people, there isn’t a lot other than creeping dread.

It is a pretty good study of just how amazing some apartments in NYC are.  And with rent control, I’m willing to bet that some of those people are only paying a few hundred a month for those palaces.  But that’s neither here nor their.  The fact is that it’s weird to think that someone can get knocked up and then somehow get convinced that the best course of action is to do a bunch of things that your neighbors say.

I’d have to seriously consider taking any advice from my neighbors even if they were telling me they could SEE that my house was on fire.  They don’t seem trustworthy.  So if I were a pregnant woman I don’t think I would be drinking all sorts of concoctions that they brought over for me.  But my neighbors didn’t seem and NICE as the ones in this movie.  And that’s where the creeping dread comes in.

You would think that a woman in the middle of New York City with a husband could prevent what ended up happening to her.  You would think.  And yet she couldn’t.  Whaddaya know?  Trailer after the jump.