Acadia is mad at me for posting anything at all on G+ so since he’s so sure I can’t “keep up my end of the deal” I’ll just post a bunch of crap over here then. K? Cool.

keep up end of deal

Here is a gif of Bernie dropping the mic.

bernie mic drop

Here is a lie about Cinco de Mayo that I posted and then removed because it’s on Thursday.

taco tuesday lie

Here is my favorite gif of Dee that I use to represent myself whenever Acadia calls me a GDB.

fave dee gif

Here is a collage Google photos made of me for no real reason. It includes smiling.

smile collage

Here is an old photo of me with two of my friends I’ll be visiting in Chicago this weekend. (The first two on the left. That hotness in the Army t-shirt is me.)

old ASP photo

Today is Boston 1 day, the anniversary of the marathon bombing in 2013. Around that time, one of my friends (actually, Mike, pictured above) and I were talking about something about the city overreacting, probably when they had the lockdown and the entire town was abandoned so cops could roam around with machine guns or whatever looking for the culprits. (What did I do that day, the lockdown day? I rented a car and got the eff out to the ‘burbs, dude. I think I went to a drive-in movie. Yes, I did.) Anyway, I designed this t-shirt that I never ordered, based on something he said.

dont let the terrorists win

Also here is a child hugging a luchador child because Acadia needs a hug.

hugging luchador child