As a fan of Arrested Development, of course I’m watching FOXs new G.O.B. pseudo spin-off Running Wilde. Going in, expectations were low. I worked myself into the proper, damn, I loved Arrested, love me some G.O.B., no way they pull this off, right? state of mind.

The pilot was last week, episode two aired last night. The first was a bit awkward in points, but, last night it felt comfortable watching. The joke I reference in the title of this post, I think went a good way in settling things in. The joke was a response to Keri Russell’s character saying she was unable to figure out how to work the dish washer.

GOBIAS Industries (As in, Go buy us some coffee) being back in the house was decent at times, but, not the best stuff from the show. I have enjoyed Russell’s character more than I thought I would in the first two episodes, which is good, because she’s certainly the part of the show I feel like I’ve seen the least. And, more in that same line of thought, I’ve enjoyed this Fa’ad guy that is the neighbor. Again, a bit more in the second episode. Loved when he and his lip reader servant were spying from a distance and the lip reader complained the Fa’ad was using the binoculars.

Overall, there’s still a lot of Gob-ness in the show, which, is going to be unavoidable. “Kill him with kind of being nice to him,” is certainly a Gob line, but, it’s a Gob line that I need more of. To counter that, it certainly seems like they’re trying to go over the top in terms of establishing that the Steve character is not as devoid and emotionless as God, but, rather, that he has a heart. Which, I guess is something.

Any other Arrested fans in on this?