rudesantaBefore 1880 Santa could be found wearing green or grey. He was often skinny and rode the Yule Goat when visiting to demand presents to ward off evil spirits. This yuletide protection racket finally changed in 1930 when he went into partnership with Coca-Cola. The whole shtick: Red and White Suit, Jolly and Fat, Twelve Tiny Reindeer, was tied together in one of the most successful rebranding packages ever. It was so successful that we’ve even forgotten he’s supposed to be selling Coca-Cola. That my friends is the power of children who believe

Even having outgrown commercial origins there’s still a seedy side to the Jolly Old Elf. Every December in New York City something called SantaCon takes place. Basically it’s a pub crawl by over privileged jerks wearing a lot of red velour or something slutty in the elf line. (You’re allowed to go as an anthropomorphic reindeer but we’re going to debate if you’re a Plushie or a Pony Girl) The whole debauched event is a nightmare as gangs of red clad holiday icons traumatize kids every time Santa throws up on his shoes on the way out of a bar. SantaCon is not the only dark side of Santa to be found.

When Santa goes bad you can be sure he’s going to be VERY BAD

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