Podcaturday - Hot Threeway

I forgot to do the damn post!  I blame Melzer.  No, Wait.  I blame Beans!  Society?  Your dirty mom?  Well, whoever is to blame, the point is that I don’t have any artfully crafted post. But then I realized that was because this week’s podcaturday is like, 14 hours long.  We forgot to shut up.  WORSE THAN USUAL!  So rather than give you any detailed anything -I’m gonna give you this:

http://refreshthing.com/ Why?  Cause you can use it to refresh things.  Like, maybe before you all go to bed tonight, you should set to a Google Search for Superficial Gallery.  If everyone does it, then maybe I will be on Google Trends tomorrow for no real reason!  Sweet!

Also – come back, optik!  Come back! Comment of the week after the jump!  Also – remind me to talk about how the government is gonna kill the old people!


This week, I award the always dubious honor to our newest writer, Sangfroid. He made me laugh the hardest so yay and welcome!

She looks like the St Pauli girl after twelve beers.