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Saturday Links Part 2

It’s Saturday, which means it’s time for links.  Get clicking!


Red Curtain Movies!

I like when people steal the hard work of others and give it to other people and make money off of it.  It is like Robin Hood except not.  Red Curtain Movies is like that.  They used to have tons of movies.  Now they don’t have as many but they still have a fair amount and some are very new.  Just don’t believe the years they give for when the movies came out – it is pure bunk.

Registering (yes, I did it so you did not have to) does not give you anything but the ability to upload movies.  Lame.

Finally – I checked it out and if you try to watch the movies in Firefox, it will ask you to install Zango – which is some sort of adware spyware crap.  So skip that and use Google Chrome.  Zango does not work on it.  Have fun!

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