Hi everyone, here is my super belated review of this con! (That link now contains info about the next one, in the fall.)

Favorite Things – Person you met, panel you went to, etc.:

I mean my two favorite things about cons are always the costumes and costume contests and just how friendly everyone is. You can walk up to any table no matter what the vendor is there with and they will chat with you about just about anything you want. Which is good because I still feel a little out of my element at these, since I remain a scaredy-baby.

I met some cool podcasting type folks that I’ll mention in another post, who we hope to work with in various ways for our sister project, Strangeful Things.

The costume contest was a lot of fun. Here are a few of my favorite costumes from it:

Four images of people in horror costumes for a costume contest

Four entries in the costume contest

Favorite Overall Thing:

This costume:

Two people dressed as a xenomorph and Ripley from the movie "Alien"

Xenomorph and Ripley from Alien (they won the costume contest)

Room to Improve

There wasn’t much to complain about but the signage was a little hard to follow. I relied sometimes on following someone else who seemed to know where they were going.

Overall Rating

I would say 4 out of 5. Not many complaints and it was a fun, friendly event.