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ScarJo in French Elle

Sleepy eyes aren't always sexy.

Sleepy eyes aren't always sexy.

I grabbed a handful of pix from the French Elle photo shoot featuring Scar Jo.  I don’t know who she pissed off that her eye-make is practically non existent, but she must have been a huge bitch to the make-up artist.  I expect to see this on Fug the Cover soon.  And while I don’t, as a rule, find blondes attractive, she is one of the women I believe should be blonde.  She just looks weird and washed out as a brunette.  And forget her as a redhead, omg.  Sarah Jessica Parker is another one who should stick to blonde.  I actually hate the Garnier commercials where she is some weird strawberry blonde or, even worse, a brunette.  Just stoppit, SJP!  You’re not convincing anyone to buy shit when you look anemic and nauseated.

Anyway, I guess Woody Allen isn’t making a movie at the moment, hence she has time to pose for unflattering pictures.  Hell, she didn’t need to go to France for that.  I take plenty of unflattering pix right in my own kitchen.  So I am hoping she gets another arty movie lined up so she can go back to being blonde and shoving her tits into uncomfortable-looking evening gowns.  It is what she does best, really.

This is sounding like I am down on ScarJo when I truly liked Match Point, Lost in Translation and Scoop.  Scoop was actually very awesome in that slow Woody Allen dragging way.  I have always liked it when Woody Allen is in front of the camera, so that is at least part of it.  If you haven’t seen Scoop, put it on your Netflix queue.  It’s worth it,  especially if you have two hours to kill and want it to feel like four.  Okay, it’s poll time.

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  1. biz

    ok, if the whole ‘sexy biting your lip’ thing works so well, how come it doesn’t work here?

  2. Ballsack

    Write more stuff with boobs and tits.

  3. Sue

    She definitely should stick with being a blonde.

  4. Joelle

    She is one of those girls who is either gorgeous or butt ugly–no in between.


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