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Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds split up. Yawn.

Apparently the marriage of Green Lantern’s Ryan Reynold’s and Iron Man’s Scarlett Johansson is over.  According to People Magazine:

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds have separated.

I thought about this and tried to figure out how to deal with the tragedy and I finally came to the conclusion that fuck them.  I can’t feel sorry for them.  I really can’t.  I know that heartbreak is heartbreak but seriously fuck them.  What are they stuck with now?  They need to find the SECOND hottest people on the planet to be married to?  They need to sneer at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (click here for her NSFW Butt)?  They need to keep making super hero movies even though THEY ALREADY LOOK LIKE FUCKING SUPER HEROES?

I had a bunch of other really funny shit to say about this but then I got a shitty phone call and am in a bad mood now so make up your own jokes.  Damn those people are hot.

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    1. Evangeline

      There’s something really smushy about Scar Jo.

      While she made more sense for RR than Alanis, they didn’t really seem to click so I am meh about this break-up.

    2. sangfroid

      Those are a lot of Tattoos

    3. joelle

      Like 5 big celebrity couples broke up yesterday. It was strange.

    4. Patrick

      I dig AJ when she was in Hackers.. since then, it seems all downhill.. as to the big break up, well.. they still have their jobs, their health, money, and well they are still hot, so its not like they cant go out and score, there is NO rebound for them.. right?

    5. Acadia

      Wtf is Hackers? Some kind of dance team?


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