scary-cat-patternI know there are cat people and dog people, but did you know some things are actually afraid of cats?  And not just mice.  People.  Who would be afraid of a cat who wasn’t a lion or a tiger?  Dogs I can understand.  In fact, there really isn’t a bigger, scarier version of a dog.  Wolves are just dogs.  Same teeth.  Same claws.  I would rather have to fight a wolf than a pissed off Great Dane.

Cats on the other hand are not scary unless they are big and can eat your whole head in one bite.  But that doesn’t stop some people from being afraid of the little ones.  Like who?  Well, how about Napoleon Bonaparte, Hitler and Julius Caesar?  All afraid of cats.  And since they were all evil, that must mean cats are good.  Yes?  No?  Wait, was Caesar evil or good?  Maybe I need a better example.

Be nice to cats.  Did you know shelters won’t let black cats get adopted in October because of weirdos hurting them?  You are all sick.  *Plays Sarah Maclaughlin’s Angel while crying*