Did you know that your phone/tablet/computer monitor is probably covered with SARS?  That’s right.  SARS.  The deadly disease that will turn your skin into stone and your lungs also into stone.  Don’t believe me?

Well that’s probably smart because I made it up.  But that doesn’t mean that your screens aren’t all nasty and need to be cleaned.  When I was in high school my mom told me that if I touched my face I would get zits.  So what do I do now?  I touch my phone ALL DAY and then rub it on my face.  I might as well just make a pillow out of Slim Jims.  And what about when you show someone else something on your phone and THEY start touching it.  By the time you are done showing everyone that pic of your friend passed out your smart phone screen is going to look like a hotel bedspread after they come in with the CSI lights.  And the next thing you are gonna do is nestle it gently on your supple skin and give yourself problems.

That is, unless you have a Schatzii Smart Cloth Screen Cleaner.  Not only can you pick from a lot of cool different colors and designs, the cloth is like a McDLT.  It has two different textures (one on each side) and is anti-bacterial, anti-static, anti-dust, anti-fogging and anti-mildew.  Thing should be more positive.  Yeah?  Huh?  Hmph.  You should laugh at my jokes more.  But either way, I am giving away three of these beauties (your choice of style).  The only things you will HAVE to do are like the Schatzii company Facebook page and comment here.  But there will be a lot of other ways to get extra entries because I am so nice.  So stop being a filthy, disease-ridden petri dish and win one of these here miracle cloths.  I just cleaned my screen with it and it worked so well I can sort of see now why you don’t laugh at my jokes.  🙁  Entry form after the jump!

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