You don't get me.  Don't even try.

You don't get me.

So, the rush to make things easier on kids who have it better than any other kid born before them ever continues.  For Plano, Texas, the whole idea of ‘grades’ is stupid and kids should not be subjected to it.  According to the Dallas News:

… a growing philosophical shift is putting more emphasis on what students are learning overall, rather than mostly focusing on a grade that can be pulled down by smaller assignments, quizzes, bad behavior or poor study skills.

Plano school officials are exploring a policy for middle schoolers that would not dock grades for cheating or late assignments. And teachers wouldn’t grade some homework at all. 

So what are they gonna put on report cards?  A picture of a butterfly?  A shiny dime?  Will they even give them out at all or will they just give everyone a kiss and a smiley face sticker?  I really don’t see how this is going to work.  Teaching kids that there is not accountability doesn’t seem like the best idea.  Look at this:

Some of the proposed policies run counter to how Plano’s middle school teachers currently assign grades. For example, students caught cheating receive an automatic zero or failing grade on that assignment. Instead, teachers and school officials would set a different consequence so that student behavior doesn’t pull down grades.

You know, now that I think about it.  Maybe this IS a good idea.  If you don’t let the things the kids DO actually affect their grades, this is a perfect way to thin out the herd, and make sure only the smartest kids make it through.  So – now I am going to make a list of things that the kids of Plano, Texas should have to have this new system applied to.  It starts in kindergarden and goes through adulthood.  From now on, no trying to actually find out if students actually know:

  • How to cross the street.
  • How to deal with people in vans offering them candy.
  • The alphabet – (Yes, Timmy! Butt is a great name for a letter!)
  • To swim.
  • To perform CPR.
  • To read.

Ugh, I bored myself with my own list.  I just keep picturing some teacher watching a kid try to do a math test by licking his sneaker and telling him how creative he is.  This started out all happy, and now it just makes me sad.  I mean, not sad for the kids.  I think that part is funny.  I am sad for the adults of Plano.  Cause I keep thinking of the not caring if kids cheat when they learn to drive.  After the jump – video proof of how my herd-thinning theory is going to work!