It’s Saturday, and I have decided that you all need to learn something useful.  So I am going to start posting the Schoolhouse Rock cartoons from the 70’s.  If you haven’t heard of Schoolhouse Rock, it was a series of cartoons that ran on Saturday Mornings that attempted to teach kids things on the sly.  Picture some kid sitting on the floor watching Super Friends with a big bowl of Super Sugar Smacks getting shovelled into his gob.

The kid’s wondering if Aqauaman and Apache Chief will ever get rescued from 70 million BC when all of a sudden he is learning something.  Devious.  Look at the video below (my personal fave).  What else do you really need to know about how America became a country?  Boring details?  Benjamin Franklin?  I think not.  Cartoons giving you the gist of things are really all you need to get yourself started.  If you are interested in a topic, go learn more on your own.  Not me, though.  I am fine with the three minute cartoon version.  Cause those who forget history are doomed to be awesome!


By the way: That’s called taxation without representation, and it’s not fair.  But when the colonies complained the king said: “I don’t care.”