What’s everybody reading ? ?

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So yesterday when I was in the waiting room at the doctor my field reporter Bangs sent me the Instagram pic above.  Emma was at the Strand book store which is approximately one block from where we work.  Now, it makes no sense that she was wearing that outfit when it is hella cold out but nevertheless there she was.  Defenseless.

Now, I could not give up my place in line and Bangs is not down with abductions (so far).  But she IS a valuable part of the team in that she lives in NYC and is not as lazy as I am.  Thus she ends up seeing famous people and has agreed to take pictures of them when possible.  This all came about after I found out that my OTHER friend had Law and Order: SVU filming on her street for a gd week and she never thought to mention it.  Gah!

Anyway, I like to think that if I had not been at the doctor, I would have gone over to the store to see her, and instead of my day ending with me finishing the Member’s Only podcast for this week it would have been me being gunned down in the street with Emma over my shoulder.  My last act would have been to tell her that I missed her in this year’s American Horror Story as she ran away in horror.  Good times.  Nice scoop, Bangs![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]