Heather Mariah Hiegel (used with permission).  Bet you never thought you'd hear me say that!

Heather Mariah Hiegel (used with permission). Bet you never thought you'd hear me say that!

So we won an award from this hot mommy blogger the other day.  Of course, she mixed us in with some other people, but I am pretty convinced that she just had to do that cause she didn’t want to come right out and say how hunky I am (not Maitland).  But hey, an award is an award.  Except there was one problem.  Here is the description of

I <3 Acadia but can't say it out loud.

I <3 Acadia but can't say it out loud.

the award in question.

The Neno Award is given to “those who love blogging and love to encourage friendships through blogging, and to help others seek the reasons why we all love blogging.”

I don’t even think that is a sentence.  But I do know that it says ‘blog’ way too many times.  I don’t like saying blog, and I never use it as a verb.  So, I am torn.  There are other sites that we read.  And there are sites we want to plug, but we can’t be doing that Neno (which doesn’t even seem to stand for anything) thing.  We need a tougher, cooler sounding award.

So while we think of a name (feel free to add your own suggestions) – here are some sites we like.

  • Heather Mariah Hiegel – You may recognize the name from the banner pic.  I found this website fat packed with aspiring models and photographers, and to my display, they all pretty much seem legit.  I can’t find any porny stuff unless I am not looking in the right place.  So I decided to see if anyone wanted to get their faces out there a little bit more so they could get more famous.  Heather was the first one smart enough to say yes.  So go check her out and leave non-gross comments on her pics.  Who knows, she could be on ANTM and be frightened by Tyra Banks!
  • Manofest – This site used to be called Unibrow.  Now that he switched, he is all big and famous.  If you like lists of things and links to sites that are not this one, then Manofest is for you.  I know I could probably do lists of things, but they would always be the top 3.  Or not even the top 3 maybe, just 3 of something. I don’t want to wear myself out.
  • Healthnut Wannabe Mom – Now, I am neither healthy nor a mom.  Nor a chick.  But that does not mean there is not a lot of good stuff on her site.  Like links to here.  Plus I found out beans were good for me.  See if you learn anything like that on THIS site!
  • Podiobooks – I just found out about this site tonight.  You can find audio books from people trying to get noticed and if you want to donate you can but you don’t have to.  It’s like the suggested donation box at the museum.  You can just run right by it, knowing that you stuck it to the man!

Yeah – we need a good name for the award.