Good afternoon. This morning I saw this inspiring tweet:

Here is the original news station tweet that was being mocked:

Acadia and I were both inspired to mock them as well:

But then I decided that wasn’t enough, and have been spending the remainder of my day posting more roasts of these three foolish white boys as soon as they occurred to me. Because do you want to know why? Because these privileged AF blonde(ish) white boys with their shit-eating grins and cornfed faces think they are being cool, clever, handsome, awesome, and right and they are most decidedly being none of those things. So, presented to you here, are my various additional thoughts on these children. Please play along if you so desire, I promise the fun doesn’t wear off.

Dear white boys of America: your time is coming to an end. This I solemnly swear. Are you nervous about that? Good.

(Note that because tweets sometimes disappear, I have a new policy I’m trying to enforce on myself of using screenshots that link to the tweet, that way the screenshots endure if the tweets don’t.)