I am so excited this week to bring you another Bikini Sunday with a G+ twist!  Last week I had the opportunity to “hangout” (think online video chat) with none other than Ms. Shannen Doherty.  Apparently she’s got a new reality show in the works.  And yes, I wanted to call her “Brenda” the entire time.  And yes, I brought up the fact that everyone thinks she’s a bitch.  It’s not my style to ignore the elephant in the room.  But what everyone might not know is that the woman looks pretty spectacular in a bikini.  Here’s the photographic evidence.  I also included one of her with Luke Perry from the 90210 days because, well, I found one.  And one of the hangout, because I hear that on the internet if there’s no pictures it didn’t happen.  Also… one of the pictures might actually be lingerie and not a bikini.  Hey, talk to Acadia if you have any complaints!  I just work here.