So I went to the doctor today and they said I might have an aneurism on my carotid artery.  So if it is true, then I will have to have an operation to bypass it.  So here is my list of problems with all of this.

  • It sounds like something old people have.  And although I am wise and mighty I am never as old as any of you jerks think I am.
  • I can’t spell it.  I have spelled it differently every time and even chrome spells it differently than Firefox.
  • I was told not to go to the chiropractor (not that I was going to) or lift anything heavy.  I might have wanted to be on World’s Strongest Man!  But forget it now.
  • They told me not to be stressed but it is hard to not be stressed when you are afraid your head is going to pop off.
  • The Internet is the worst thing even invented if you have something wrong with you.  They really should cancel it.  And if Google wanted to help they would not let anything that scares me come through in my results.
  • I get mad about most things.  I don’t even mean to.  It’s like I’m the opposite of that Jason Statham movie.

This blows.  Don’t upset me!  I mean, please don’t upset me….